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Veteran’s Day and What it means to me.

This is a very special day.  I first reflect on my friends who are Veteran’s and the mark the military left on them.  I reflect onORRA Good Neighbor Award how in peacetime, it took boys and transitioned them to men.  It also saddens me that in war, they return but with the scars of war.  What saddens me today is that a segment of our society has distain for the very people who are protecting them now.  Are we not making them think cognitively about where we would be if we didn’t have a strong military protecting us.

The conversation is always about what was done wrong in the political arena.  Should we have gone to war?  Should we stay out of a conflict?  THAT’S NOT WHAT OUR VETERAN’S ARE ABOUT!!!  These are men and women who joined the military for an array of different reasons and in doing so agreed to protect you and me.  This cannot be overlooked!  If you hate wars and conflict; if you disagree with what the military do;  take it up with the politicians but don’t blame those who volunteered to protect you.  TODAY, SALUTE THE MILITARY AND THANK ANY AND ALL THOSE YOU KNOW WHO HAVE SERVED.

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