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4th of July is twice as special to us.

Logan2At Tuscawilla Realty 4th of July is the Birthday of our Great Country and of our  very special family member Logan Lopez.  Logan should be spelled JOY.  That is what he is!

For his birthday, he sent the following text message to the family: “Hi if you are wondering what to give me for my birthday than here ……1. Xbox 360 Lego Jurassic World the Game, 2. Xbox 360Transformers fall of Cybertron, 3. Toy transformers combiner wars Optimus Prime, 4. Lego avengers(set 76031) the Hulkbuster.”  This goes on through 15 requests.  He then writes where you can buy them and if not he says give him gift cards.  And being Logan, he ends it with Thanks for everything!!!!! 

This is a very special young man who makes every 4th of July twice as special.

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